Friday, March 4

Feel Pretty!

Sorry to all my dear readers.

Just like everything else that I rush into...I rushed this post and now regret it.
Please accept my sincere apologies. I will not be boring you with any stories...atleast not for now.

After thinking over it a while I thought I don't have to do anything just coz everyone else is. That is so silly. And its gonna become Blog-Story overdose in the Blogosphere if everyone starts writing stories. Phew! So I have realised that I should withdraw from the blog-story writing arena while I still can.

Chickened out....hmmmm!!

Original Post:

When I'm totally steaming with anger and frustration....
I remember Adam Sandler in Anger Management!! :D

[AS] I feel pretty,
Oh so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and gay,
And I pity,
Any girl who isnt me today,

Jack Nicholson: Lalalalalalalala

[AS] I feel charming,
Oh so charming,
It's alarming how charming I feel,

Angery Driver #1: Move your ass dip shit!

[AS] And so pretty that I hardly believe I'm real,

Jack Nicholson: lalalalalalala

Feeling pretty yet?! :D

I don't know if I'm any good... but what the heck!
Now that I have tried my hands on Poetry [and singing] then Story writing.... whats the big deal with that?!
*ehhem - All you big high and mighty writers.. please disregard the last line. Thankyou.*

And so............

Her life has been so predictable till now. Nothing has been out of the ordinary - ever!
She had been a good daughter, a better than average sister and good student at school and university. Never got into trouble...for anything.
Everyone who met her, praised her. "So soft-spoken", "Such a delightful girl!", "Great singer", "Such a graceful dancer!".

And now she was 22.... and her grand parents thought it their last chore in life, to find her an agreeable match. But they didn't know what future had instore for them. All their efforts were about to go in vain. For the turn that Urvashi's life was about to take, even she didn't know!!

That's all folks!
Let us take this ride through Urvashi's life...starting on the 10th March 2005.

Till then.....
God Bless!!


Prasad said...

Its story time guys..... comeon lets sit and listen to granny nupur telling the story of Urvasi... :D
hmm, nupurji... aaj kal aap bahut kamaal ki baatein likrahehein...
nupur, the poetess... the singer.... the story-teller... and the list grows :)

Prasad said...

oh I forgot to make the grand announcement... here is it..

Bhaiyon aur nupur-ki behenon... :)
jaldh aarahahai Nupur ki badiya kahani... "Urvasi-Aaj ki naari"
Dekhna mat bhooliye.... aur is mein advertisements nahi hai.. :)

Puneet said...

btw stupid question who is Urvashi :-p

bablu said...

Urvashi ... Urvashi ...
Shaadi ke baad kya kya hua ??
Hey just kidding...
So soft-spoken", "Such a delightful girl!", "Great singer", "Such a graceful dancer!".
Who is this gurl ???

Nidhi said...

Urvashi?????Is this the same Urvashi whome we all used to hate like anything at school???My god Nupur tujhe kya ho gaya hai..... uspe story likhne kee kya zaroorat hai....likhna hee hai toh main hoon naa....mujhpar likh.....its going to be far more interesting n enjoyable!!*hehehehe*:D

Nupur said...

@Prasad: Nupur Dadi wont be telling no stories. :)
So...lets scratch that off the list, shall we?

Thanks for the intro Prasad. We'll use it for next time.OK?! ;)

@Puneet: Urvashi... a fabrication of my mind...

Nupur said...

@Bablu: Arrey re re!!
That song was -
Rukmani Rukmani!! not Urvashi URvashi!!!
*kahaan kahaan se aa jate hain*

Now u have got that song in my head!!!

Nupur said...

@Nidhi: Arrey which Urvashi at school?? I don't remember!!
The only one I can faintly think of was one in class 4/5 and why do u hate her again??!

OK, now that you have given consent don't blame me if my future story has U in it!! :D

Prasad said...

buaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh........ yeh kya hogaya.... :(
ok, its alright.. I accept ur point... feel and write whatever u want... thats the best thing... :)

Nihar said...

Isn't it hard to 'write' between the lines? :)

Pallavi said...

:) have a nice weekend babe !!

Nidhi said...

Oh c'mon Nupur....u dont remember Urvashi Upadhyay.....the snob,we all used to despise....
I hope she doesnt read ur blog smtimes....naheen toh meri toh waat lag jayegi!!:D
Aur yaar mere comments ko itna seriously mat liya kar....mainu toh ainwayeen bol ditha!!;)
Saadi story teh likh kar kee karda thwanu??
*is the sentence correct??*

Kaps said...

oyee nups apni kahani suna rahi ho kya?..

divya said...

ok so no kahani on march 10th unh how abt on march 12 th........
u have a gr8 weekend and c ya byeeeeeeee

sanaja said...

oohh..i remember that movie and song...Jack Nicholson was soo good in it, that I got real annoyed and frustrated at him...By the end of the movie, my friends decided that I needed anger management..;)..hmm..awaiting March 10th, 2005..

Sangeeta said...

Wow! That's a very intriguing prologue, I'm waiting for 10 March. Don't back out..this seems like a greaaat plot in the making.

U can actually ask ur readers to predict , 'What happens next?' This is gonna be greaaaaaaaaaaat funn!
:(( Why didn't I think abt this first?

Sangeeta said...

I'm linking u!