Tuesday, March 22

Colors - festival and life!

Holi is coming.... I know because friends are getting excited about going to the Indian temple on the coming weekend, where there is gonna be a huge Holi Mela with most of the Indians here in the state of Victoria attending the celebrations. Don't know the exact date.. coz havent called mom this week.

And ofcourse, like Diwali or Dandiyaa, I have never been to a single Holi function here in Oz. Why?
Well there used to be soo many reasons.... now the reasons have faded, but the habbit continues. And when the day passes by I winge and cry and complain how I have missed another Holi!


I can't fall asleep, we have to get up early in the morning and go to the nearest crossroads 'chauraha' near my place and roast the sugarcane tops!!
I can taste the sweet nector, the seet sugarcane juice that we will drink the next morning after playing with colors and then having a bath.... in the sticky 'ubtan'.

"Ohhh.... Is my water gun 'pichkari' oiled and ready to use Mom?"
"Yes beta, go to your room now and sleep, or you wont be able to get up on time!"

I run to by room, and jump on the bed. The excitement is too much. Dad will put the music system out in the garden in the morning so when the relatives start to come... there will be lots of colors, lots of music and lots of dancing!!

And then we will have the sugared 'gujiya'...yumm. My mouth is watering at the thought. And then holi mela. Babaji with take us to the relatives.
And all the money I'll get! This year I will not take anything less than Rs.10. I am a big girl and if the kiddies get Rs.5 I should get Rs.10
I have to remember that line to say to any stingy Aunty or Uncle who tries to hand me a Rs.5 note. .! :D

How many choclates can I buy then? How many Maggis?
Oh! I cant sleep....


The night before Holi.........
I miss you soooo much...


manuscrypts said...

its all about the money, huh?? :p

Nupur said...

Kya Manu... its abt all that a 9 year old thought of..!!!

Pallavi said...

haha !! yeah i miss home a lot when all the festivals come by !!

Nupur said...

@Pallavi: *Sigh*
How come 'instant' overseas travel hasn't been invented yet?!