Thursday, March 17


Guys - Please shed some light on this one!

From the time that I have noticed boys, I have observed some thing.
I would like to put it down before you people - Don't, I repeat don't take it critically as its just a silly little observation...and I'm curious to know if it means anything.

Indian guys with glasses are less afraid to approach girls than those without!!
*there said it!*

I will give you 2 recent examples -

----- My sixth year in Oz, and it has never ever happened that an unknown Indian guy may have spoken to me in Hindi. But this changed last week, I was at the Immigration Office to pick up some forms (no no! I'm not getting deported - just visa expiring!) And as a lot of International students have their visa expiring end of March, there was total chaos and confusion at the entrance. And from nowhere this Specy guy came with his mate and said to me, "Tumko yeh forms kahaan se mille?!"
I was shocked for a few secs. No, he wasn't bad looking - just the fact that he spoke to me in Hindi! When I came out of my initial shock, I pointed him in the appropriate direction 'in English' and he walked away, turning and smiling in a strange way!

----- I was in the city this Monday with Suraj to see the International Auto Expo thingy at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. We toured around the place and then decided to walk through Crown (a five star Hotel + Casino + Entertainment Complex). I was convincing Suraj to stand next to a big Golden Bugs Bunny outside Warner Bros Showroom for a picture ...and this Specy guy came and asked me pointing at his mate, "Can you please take our picture [with Bugs]?"
I didn't offer as I let Suraj take his camera.
*I chicks and their attitude problem!*
And when the pic was taken and Suraj returned his camera, I was standing quite far away,and still the specy guy turned and gave me a huge grin!


I told Suraj about this observation as we walked away, telling him the first incident to support my point.
He simply replied, "I also wear glasses, how come I am so scared to approach chicks?!"



Prasad said...

Oh!!! Thats a bad misconception Nupur.... :(
I second Suraj, I wear specs too but, am not sooo comfortable talking to gals whom I donno...

May be there are a few exceptions in this case too.... so, do change ur thought.... It should be "guys with glasses are innocent, really innocent" *a big grin* :))))

bablu said...

I totally agree with U. Guys with specks hava a dare at gurls and get away with it - coz U gurls think they are so innocent unlike the ones without specks.

Pallavi said...

heheh that is an interesting point.. i think its kind of a armor however flimsy :)

Pallavi said...

heheh that is an interesting point.. i think its kind of a armor however flimsy :)

Pallavi said...

heheh that is an interesting point.. i think its kind of a armor however flimsy :)

Pallavi said...

heheh that is an interesting point.. i think its kind of a armor however flimsy :)

Anonymous said...

i dont wear specs so cant say :)

BTW, long time no see at my blog...sab khairiyat?


shodZ said...

maybe just a bad observation

manuscrypts said...

is it because specs give you more insight?? ;)

sanaja said...

hmm...interesting...I'm not sure how true this observation is ,but i do know some guys, who (eventhough they have very low power) wears specs..coz it makes them look "smart"...

sanaja said...
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Twin-Gemini said...

I have to agree with Sanaja. I like wearing my specs (although it's part of my life now, as I have been wearing it from my kindergarten with the same power throughout!) and I also get the feeling that it makes me look smart and studious 8-)

About your other comment, not quite sure. Maybe subconciously it gives a bit of a confidence boost, who knows, but if it works I certainly wouldnt mind using that :-)

Nupur said...

@Prasad: Innocent..!!! Bahhh!!!
'Boys' and 'inncocent' should not be used in the same sentence! :D

Ok...I'll give it that they do look intellectual!!

@Bablu: they are not inncocent dude - not at all!!!
And we know it :D

Nupur said...

@Pallavi: Armour! LOL *times 4*!!
:D good one!

@Deepak: So.. you find it fairly easy to strike a conversation with gals??

Nupur said...

@Shodz: :D Bad or... unfair to you!!

@Manu: Insight..?!
Hmmm..... into..?! *Dont answer that!* :D

Nupur said...

@Sanaja: Oh yess!! So many do that... which Hero started that... I cant remember now!
*but wait till those seeming-smart boys open their mouth!* :D

@Twin-Gemini: I would be very pleased if my find was proven to be true! Try it wont you?! ;)

Prasad said...

Intellectuals??? Ah... now thats better than being innocent :D
Thanks.... btb, boys sometimes can be innocent... and the perfect example is meeeeeeeeeeeee :P

Nupur said...

@Prasad: OK.... if that makes u happy!! :)

jax said...

hey nupur... just stumbled in here from vishnu's blog.

just a possibility.
guys with specs - theres this nerdy impression you get about them,when you are not adding any other details about their personality.the seedha-saadha booky types, who wouldn't be dropping you lines or acting cheap! guys with specs seem 'safe'. So they wouldn't be provoking a threatening fist from a possessive boyfriend or a one tight slap from the girl herself! i guess they know that and are a little more at ease with the girls!

Nupur said...

@Jax: That is it! Thats probably it!!
But obviously what seems - may not be what is! :D

Welcome...and hope to see you around..

Twin-Gemini said...

Let's see. There's a punju kudi right next to me at work. Let's see if it works on her, although I get a feeling that she might already be hooked-up with someone :-)

Nupur said...

@Twin-gemini: OK... go talk to her! Don't have to hook up or nething... just chat her up..!! ;)