Monday, September 12

In the mood....

....for B-o-l-l-y-w-o-o-d!

This weekend that went past was "Bollywood-movies-one-after-the-other" weekend!! And it all started with the one hour drive to and fro trip to 'Bharat Traders', one of the bigger Indian Stores here in know stores where you get everything from Margo Soap 'Neem wala saabun' to Zandu Pacharisht 'Saatth saal ke boodhe ya...' - from Indian Maggi Masala to MTR Sambhar Masala, from Dabur Amla Kesh Tel to Multaani Mitti .... all sorts of namkeens, sweets, utensils, music CDs, DVDs (original and camera prints) and 20kg sacks of Lal Quila Basmati and Annapurna Atta, bottles of Thumsup, Limca and Maaza....blah blah blah....

And believe it or not... even the messy price tags, smelly refrigirators, dark aisles and overflowing shelves do not deter the feeling of nostalgia. *things I have to do...places I have to go these days to get one 'sniff' of homeland!*

Anyways back to the matter at hand and how my plans of being the 'Spring-is-here-Jogging-Queen' were turned to 'Rainy-days-Couch-Potato'!! :[
After weeks of waiting and haggling we got the original DVD for Parineeta (I had promised myself not to watch it on camera print with crappy picture and sound!)

So the series began -

*Maine pyaar kyun kiya - I saw it during the week actually and then again on the weekend. First time round, I just found it irritatingly annoying. I was like, 'Maine movie kyun dekhi!' Then... I found my sense if humor in the 2nd screening. And I enjoyed it.

*Dus - I was fooled! :( I did not like the movie at all.... actually this one I walked off in the middle of the movie, to make lunch, as I could not stand it at all.

* Virudhh - I liked it.... the movie concept, direction and AB's acting especially was really good. No songs! *that was a refreshing change* And as I have seen the effects of corrupt Police and Lawyers on my family first-hand I could relate to the movie in more ways than one.

*Parineeta - This one was quite good. I tried not to get too technical with the dates and the fashion and the technology etc.... so I just enjoyed it thoroughly! A girl friend of mine here had told me that she was reminded of me and 'him' when she saw this movie. I wont say that I agree entirely...but there was a striking resemblance. I even asked him after the movie was over, "Did this movie remind you of us?". He smiled and nodded 'Yes'. And I left it at that..........

*...Yahan - This movie was unexpected. I hadn't heard of it and got it just becuase it was there at the shop. And to my surprise it was a great movie...the songs were excellent - humable and different from your usual style. And I liked Jimmy Shergil's acting. I think he has great potential, and I have liked him in most of the movies that he has done! *what a Bollywood crush - finally!! blushing! :)*
The final twist of the movie was well... kind of 'oh yeah - I knew it!' ...but still, it was a good change. And I'd like to recommend it to those who havent seen it or even heard of it *like me*!!

---Blast from the Past---
*Paheli - I saw this movie quite a while ago.... and had thought about writing about it. I heard from my Indian girlfriends that the movie wasnt a huge hit. That I thought was a bit wierd because I liked Paheli a lot! This was one movie that I just took in as if I was watching a 'fairytale adaptaion'. I didnt go into the slicing and dicing of the whole ghost-makes-female-pregnant thing. Just enjoyed the beautiful colours, the great acting and character buildup... Ofcourse there were some of those 'yeah right!' scenes in there - but the thing that sort of clung to me was the 'love' bit.
May be I saw it in one of my lovey-dovey moods...but I just found the scenes like 'ghost's first contact with family love' (dheere jalna song) and 'floating rose petals' too cute and romantic to be scorned at!!
I dont know..... I just liked it! *and no! I'm not a SRK fan. Don't like him much at I'm just over him and his emotional scenes and his bad crying!*


And only if 'he' would have agreed to take me to see 'Salaam Namaste' at the theatres (like he does time and time again when I want to see an Indian movie!), I wouldn't have insisted to watching all these movies - the whole two days! :P

But I guess.... I was finally able to catchup with Bollywood and see some movies that I had been looking forward to seeing for a long time! *Next weekend - I'll buy the tickets for Salaam Namaste in advance so 'he' cant say "No!"* :D


Soumyadip said...

You watched Maine Pyar Kyun Kya TWICE???

Nupur said...

Soumyadip: LOL!! Yess... once with my friend and once with my bro! :D

Pallavi said...

I have to catch up on so much... My friends say that NO entry was good :) .. I cant believe.. i have to see it to believe it ... LOL

Nupur said...

Pallavi: Oh yeah! I havent seen NoEntry as yet! Now that you remind me...
Arent we all... trying to catchup with something or the other!!

Mona said...

Where is the shop located ? I wanna go there I guess later when I am in Melbourne :D Actually is there any shops in Melbourne for renting Hindi movies with subtitles ? (It must be DVD I guess)
There are so many movies that I haven't watched lately because it's very difficult now to get Hindi movies here :(
I don't like Dus story either, but Abhishek is really hot there :P
I like Paheli a lot too ! I don't understand either why it's not a big hit and I heard from my friend that actually it's flop. Only showing in cinema less than one week. It's really a good movie, I like the story very much especially the ending :)
Yeah I will try to watch Salaam Namaste this weekend :D

Nupur said...

Mona: Bharat Traders is in Footscray. I'm surprised that you didnt hear about it when you were studying here in Melb!!
And yes... there are many here that rent out movies too. Subtitles n all... so thats no problem!

Yeah.... go see SN and miss Melbourne! :P

jon said...

We are trying to find good movie tv to take the kids this weekend. Good movie tv reviews are hard to find

I just stumbled onto your blog while looking. Seems to happen to me a lot since I am a knowledge mooch LOL


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