Saturday, November 27

How will a girl live without watching a "Chick Flick" once in a while?!

So many days have gone by.. weeks actually.. no! probably months and I haven't seen a single 'romantic-comedy' kind of movie.
I wanted to see "Shall we dance", "Bridget Jones - Edge of .." etc. etc. But (sigh!) I have missed them all.... And a hindi movie in the cinemas.. forget it!!

Who made the "Majority Rules!" rule in the first place??
Seriously, if I ever find that guy(/gal) I'm gonna have a lot to say!!

So, this week I tried a new scheme.
Mon: I said, 'I want to see - Veer Zaara in the cinema'.
Reply - Ok.

Tues: Will we go and see VZ in on Sat/Sun?!
Reply - we'll see.

Wed: VZ has had great reviews, I'm so looking forward to the movie on the weekend!
Reply - (silence!)

Thurs: Oh! only 2 days till the weekend! (humming a tune!)
Reply - Yeah.. oh also "National Treasure" released this week.

Fri: I'll check the times for VZ online. Should we also buy the tickets online know just in case?
Reply - Oh! btw which cinemas in NT up in? Check the times, no?

Sat: 10AM
I said, VZ is on at 4:20 or 8:20, which one?
Reply - Do you really want to see that movie?
I said, "Ya... what have I been talking about?"
(So much for my scheme!)
Reply - Oh you know, 3hrs.. and what is the name again 'Weear zehrah' ?!
I said, Veer is the guy - Zaara is the girl!

Sat: 12:30PM
I said, '4:20 is good for me, coz I can come right after work and then have a nice dinner'.
Reply - You have said thousand times about VZ this week!
I said, Surely not a thousand!
Reply - NT sounds like such a great movie. Lets see that instead.
All join, "yes yes..!"
(stomping my feet!) No I want see VZ, I have been saying for ages! Why am I ignored all the time?? What the h#@$!!!

(These people!!)
Sat: 2:55PM
I'm in my office..writing this blog. I don't know what movie am I going to see this arvo/evening.

And you know what... I really don't give a dang any more!!!!!


Kaps said...

Hey, which movie got lucky??(VZ or NT?)..havent seen VZ..but heard its senti..

Nupur said...

Kapil, being in India there's no excuse for not seeing VZ. The songs are really nice and yes..its emotional but can see once atleast!