Tuesday, September 6

I forgot the title!!!

Okay... I have been thinking all morning about this post. And now even though I remember what the content of the post will be I have forgotten what title I had in mind for it!! It was a very quirky title that had struck me on the train to work and now I just can't remember it. Grrrrr......

I wanted to write about "Influence". And no, I am not thinking about the very deep, life changing influences...but simple things that people do, or want to do when they see others do them!

One could even say, we are all copy-cats! Or that little kid in the park who sees another kid with a new toy and runs to his mother and says, "I want 'thaaat'!!" And then the virtuous mother, patiently replies, "Honey, its that kid's toy. You have your own, so play with yours."

And we grow up - or do we? Hardly!
We still dream of our neighbour's clothes. Neighbour's car. Neighbour's career. Neighbour's life...or even the neighbour's wife!! :P And becuase we have grown in 'size' and in our 'mind' - we usually don't have someone with the authority to tell us to sit still and be happy with what we have.

But then - that is ambition..no?! The drive to achieve more!
But surely there was a difference between Sunil Shetty and Akshay Khanna...no? In the movie Dhadkan I mean. Sunil, who wanted all that Akshay had (including his wife literally!) while Akshay seemed to have it all effortlessly~!

*Where did that come from? I have no idea.*
No I didn't see the movie on the weekend... it just sprang out of the blue. Anyways you get my drift.

All I 'm saying is - we all are trying so hard to achieve something that has been instilled into our minds as the 'benchmark'. The 'ideal beauty', the 'ideal career' or the 'ideal life'~!

There are some who just have it... by birth or by luck or by chance. and then there are others working day and night to get it - get it all.

And I wonder, who is happier? the 'influenced' or the 'influencer'...?! Mey be both - may be neither. But they go on ...... striving to reach that point of excellence. For what good would life be without an aim to pursue....

You tell me today, which force is more prominent for you??


Pallavi said...

The whole challenge is to go through the struggle and get what you want.. thats the force of life and motivation that needs to drive you onward...

even people who get it in a golden spoon have to do their bit. The challenge is different... there.. :)

Nupur said...

Pallavi: 'Challenge is different'!! :) I like that!