Thursday, September 8

Catching up....

on books & life!

Its been a long long time since I read my last Sidney Sheldon...probably around four years. And last week I got my hands on his somewhat new book, "Are you afraid of the dark?". God knows what it is but I have almost thrown the book away in frustration atleast 4 times. I mean.... the characters, the dialogues, the scenes are so predictable that I get the impression that I'm reading the script of a Bollywood movie! :

I still have like 50 pages to go.... and I've come this far only because I have nothing better to do on my way back n forth from work. Train rides can be extremely boring!

Not happy Jan at all....... I reckon I have just outgrown him, in my taste for fiction!
No more Sidney Sheldon for me.


On another front, after hearing about for months, I finely thought I should do something about it. I mean there are loads of things I want to do in life....and I never stop complaining how years are just passing me by and I still havent done so many of them.
So.. a coupla days ago I visited and jotted down my first 5 things. On my way I also jotted down my first 5 places at!!

They always teach in your "Reach your Goals" type of classes/seminars how writing down your goals in life gets you one step closer to actually achieving them. So I am putting this theory to the test.

You are most welcome to join me on the journey.... to laugh at me or pat on my back about my commenting on the new segment on the sidebar here - My 43 things....


Pallavi said...

I am doing some of my 43 things too.. heheh and the places one is new.. should check that out...

I read Are you Afraid... was ok :)

Nupur said...

Pallavi: You have started doing ur things... great. Ab my turn to start on 'em as well..!