Wednesday, September 21

Peace One Day!

As we all enjoy the fictional 'masterpieces' of our fellow blogmates, I would like to bring to your notice something that I found out yesterday - while watching a documentary on SBS.

Today is United Nations "International Day of Peace" - a day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

Or so... was the dream of the creater of this day - Geremy Gilley.

In a very moving documentary last night, I saw how this man travelled to the world's most devasted cities whose citizens are to this day, doomed to live in constant fear. These people are surrounded by violence, fearing everyday whether it'll be the next bomb or the next bullet or the next shooting or the next massacre - that'll finally end their miserable lives.

There are so many places in the world where UN volunteers cannot go and provide aid because these places are just too violent and dangerous.

After Geremy's efforts of years of visiting Ministers, and Ambassaders and Seminars and Nobel Peace Laureates - finally in 2001 in the UN General Assembly, the day was approved.

So this day was made - so that this one day - all countries will unite and observe a ceasefire, so that the people in need can be helped. But, thats still not the reality yet.
There is no cease fire yet!

But it has to start somewhere. Before we can have 365 days of Non-violence, we can atleast begin with ONE day of peace.

Lets all observe a minute of silence - for all the people who will be killed 'today'.

Peace One Day 2005.

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