Thursday, July 7

Every angle!

Its been a busy first week back at work full-time. Now that uni is over, I am actually enjoying working more *thinking about the $$ that I'll get at the end of the month :D*.

It has not even been a month since I finished uni and I'm having nostalgic thoughts. But no I wont write about how I love my uni and the mind bogling assignments and crazy projects or the frienships that I made and some that broke during uni itself....

I am thinking about motivation! What motivated me then and what is motivating me now?!

Beginning of school -- obviously getting into school was not really my choice and therefore there was hardly a question of motivation in the earliest years that I can remember.
Mid School -- I loved my needle work, English singing and Hindi singing classes. *I used to think at that time that I was the brightest and most melodious chick in the flock! :)*
Year 9/10 -- I had settled on the fact that may be I was not the most beautiful girl in class, but surely I was an all-rounder. *And it was perfect time for revenge from all the ultra fair n beautiful chicks when I was class-captian! :P Used to give them all the "dirty" jobs in class like dusting the black-board, cleaning the teacher's cupboard etc!*
My singing and dancing glory was in full bloom and I actually had fans from junior classes. Had a very good chance at become one of the house captians/school head girl in future!! *imagine that!!*
Year 11/12 -- I missed my opportunity to become vice captian in year 11 by thinking of changing school and hence missing the election week! The rest two years I was miserable... my dreams of leading my house shattered... *regretting why I missed school during that week!* Then I got selected in year 12 to act the lead in the play in my school's 'Centinary Year' celebrations. And that was my time to shine!! *again!* for the last time in school!!
Pre Engineering Screening -- I hated Physics and so was lost in the coaching classes. Didn't know what I was doing in those classes...
End of School -- Year 12 results were out and though I shined in computers with the highest marks, my physics results were predictably not so impressive. I knew I was not getting into any engineering uni ever - looking at how I could not 'get' Physics at all! *Why did I have to give entrance exam in physics when all I want to do is Program in C++ ?!* I needed a uni where they could let me study computers without studying Physics.....
Diploma in Oz -- They didn't let me into the uni because I applied late, so I initially came for a diploma instead. I was the only chick in my batch! :O One of the Indian boys who cam eon the saem plane as me left after 5 days because he missed home soo much!!
I found casual work and got top marks in tests - life was breezy!
Uni years in Oz -- Its been a rollercoaster ride, but I'm glad that I chose the degree that I really wanted to do...(unlike some people I know who didn't even know why they chose it and changed after one or two semesters!). Probably the Diploma helped me realise that Multimedia was not for me - * I was not "that" creative as I thought OR rather I cant be creative 24/7*. And I cant program code the rest of my life - I prefer "people-roles" and management stuff!
Right here - right Now -- I just want to do great at work - earn top $$s and make my parents proud. Settle down and decorate a beautiful house near the beach/on the hills with hand made stuff by 'me' and 'IKEA'! :D


Where are you headed? What do you want to do??

BTW - I can hear 'Italian' from the kitchen.


phatichar said...

Hmmmm, nice post. :) Yeah, every milestone in our life has an inspirational story behind it, huh?

Gangadhar said...

Nice career,Nupur..Lacking interest in physics couldn't stop you growing...and yeah you are right..I appreciate the way you reached to dis stage..
Wish you a bright future ahead..

Meena said...

Hi Nupur!! I really enjoyed reading this post. Made be think of my years in school. I hope you don't mind me turing this post into a meme and doing it myself! :o)

PS:- I'm linking to link back!

Nupur said...

Phatichar: Inspirational story?! LOL! OR you can say desperation story in my life!! :)

Gangadhar: Thanks for that!! Yes... it is quite frustrating to be expected to know something 'physics' in my case when you just dont have any interest in it what so ever!
Although now... I can stand *very very far away from physics lovers!* and appreciate the importantance of the subject!! ;)

Nupur said...

Cinnamon: Oh come on!! Thats what the commenting is all about - you write the first thing that comes to ur mind when you read the post!! Its meant to be spontaneous! :)

And thanks for the honor..I shall do the needful soon.