Monday, July 11

Bitten by the blog bug.

My ninth month in blogsville and I still feel like a new comer - a little kid in the big bright city. Looking around, tilting the neck back looking at the high rising blogs around. And when I tour around blogsville, hopping from one link to another. ..... I amazed at every point. What I see around me, is really mesmerising.

So many people scribbling their loves away... every happy incident, every sad moment, every silly joke, every thoughtful peom. Surely it must be worthwhile otherwise why would there be so many of us doing it day in and day out. With the crazy lives that we lead, the books/novels to be read, exams to be written, work to be done, money to be made, children to be taken care of, houses to be cleaned, food to be prepared, friends to have coffee with, girlfriends/wives to be pleased, boyfriends/husbands to be bugged *evil grin!* , parents to be made proud of - after all this - we still come here and say whats on our mind.

Surely we must be so idle! Spending hours posting on our blogs, modifying templates, blog hopping and commenting in every nook and corner in blogsville.

But the trouble is that - my online time isn't all that I have invested to my blog. (And I know - for sure - that that is the same with almost all of us).
Everything I see, everything I do, makes me think - ah! I could post about this today - add a bit of mirch masala, a sprinkle of humor, a dressing of drama and viola! present it to my fellow bloggers and get them to go "oohh!", "aah!!" :)

So, not just my online time but a significant amount of my 'alone' offline time goes in planning my next post on the blog as well. I know..I know! You must be thinking that looking at the sort of stuff I write about... it dosen't really seem that, much thought has been put into quite a few of my posts!! LOL!! But thats the whole fun of it... no matter how much I plan and think in advance of what the next post will be about - it hardly ever goes that way. Once the thoughts start flowing, even I don't know where they'll go!!

To be quite honest - I wont say that these are my personal rambling/musings/etc.. because I admit that I have them here for an audience - if they were personal as personal can be I hardly think there would be any posts here at all..... Although this blog is partly an image of who I am, I assure you that it is not 'all' that I am. And then again, even I myself do not know yet what I am or what I am truly capable of - therefore its more like a journey where I discover myself every step of the way...and then look around for encouragement and support!

In the end I admit that I have really and truly been bitten by the blog blog and unfortunately *or fortunately* there isn't any vaccinations against it! :)

And given a choice - I would probably choose to do this all over again!

Update: And while the blog blood still flows through my blood stream - I am updating my blogroll and I know I have missed many... Can you please drop ur link here so I can do the needful! :D *Thanks so much!*


AmitL said...

Hi,Nupur,nice post.And,u know what?Ever since I began blogging,I've also begun to keep my eyes and ears open much more than I used to,with the subconscious mind looking for new topics to write about,interesting incidents,etc.:)The 'blog bug' is the right word,indeedy..btw,u didn't mention another aspect,which is so true in my case..a great set of blog friends.:)

Nupur said...

Amit: :) Thanks Amit! and Yes! ofcourse I thought of saying blogmates - but then i thought - see that is but obvious! And I say that all the time... so in this post I wanted to touch on the other self-motivation factors for blogging! :D

Meena said...

Hi Nupur..nice post!!

Blogroll me!

ThEiNdIaNgAl said...

hey nupur! met u at the vbm...yeah. this is the 16 yr old...hehe...anyways, i knw what u mean about the blog bug.....I spend sleepless nights thinking about what to write next...and there r times when i sit up in the midnight and write down in paper, incase i lose all the ideas, 'wordflow' as u might call it.oh, and the templates, how hard u try 2 have an eye-catching, yet easy 2 read posts sorta templates!

anyways, nice meeting u at the vbm!

Nupur said...

Cinnamon: Thanks for that!
And sure... I shall do the honors in a bit! :)

Nupur said...

IndianGal: Oh Hi Nitty!!
How are you doing... you look 16 in ur pic too! :P
Sleepless in Blogsville!! *buahahhaha* That sure is funny... getting up at in the middle of the night to pen down ur ideas. And yes... the templates sure are just as important as the content of the blogs (if not more!)

It was great to meet at VBM... and hope to see you around! ciao!