Monday, July 25

My choose.

Again.... it happened to me again today!

I started writing with a seemingly good idea and half way thru the post I felt lost. As if I had started running behind a gold deer and I ran and I ran until I could run no more. And before I knew it I was deep in an unknown forest, in unknown surroundings - totally lost. Looking for the shining animal everywhere but it was gone. Dissappeared into the unknown.
And frustrated - I clicked - 'Save as Draft'.

And I check and find that the no. of drafts are steadily increasing.
Why is that?
Am I losing it? Or I'm simply too good.
With so many ideas bubbling out of my mind that I can hardly contain. My mind races while my fingers struggle to keep up! *yeah! right!! Oh! how she fools herself.* :)

Well what ever the reason may be. I do know one thing..... I come here for a reason. And even though I cant pin point what it is exactly, I know that there surely must be a reason behind it. Like everything else in this universe.

No, I don't mean that we are all meant to do what we are meant to do. That would mean that there is no excitement... because everything is set on a fixed plan. That, I think, is hardly the case. We are faced with choices and every choice has a consequence. And what we choose effects the future. Our future....which is inter-linked. We all are inter-linked somehow. And what we do here - right now - we effect each other. Even though we may not realise it just yet. But in a very strange and subtle way we do. So the choice I make actually effects your future.

*You think I'm going nuts...don't you?!* But honestly tell me - when I choose to write something funny - you laugh. When I choose to write something sad - you console. When I choose to write something dreamy - you smile n nod. When I choose to write something ambitious - you congratulate.

Its all about choices. I choose to be here and so do you. My choice to post is your future to read and your choice to comment is my future to respond!

:O Confused you totally didn't I? See I choose to do that!
Now do you choose to comment? :P


manuscrypts said...

and if u do, which comment box do you choose?? :)

Nupur said...

Manu: And Manu will be Manu! LOL! :D