Sunday, July 10

Desi kudi on train!

(translated: Indian girl on train!)

Armadale Stn: Such a cold morning. I'd rather be sleeping in bed right now.
Toorak Stn: Hmmm.. Oh! Thats a pretty face. And she looks Indian.
Hawsburn Stn: She's looking this way. And now looking away.....
South Yarra Stn: Such arrogance!
Richmond Stn: Hey man, can you move out of the way, I'm trying to look at someone.
Parliament Stn: Bye.

Next morning -
Armadale Stn: I wonder if she'll take this train.
Toorak Stn: Guess not!! :(

Next morning -
Armadale Stn: Zzzzz....
Toorak Stn: I think its her!
Hawsburn Stn: Different coat today. I liked the other one better.
South Yarra Stn: Why is she always standing so close to the last door again? There are empty seats in the middle, sit down woman!
Richmond Stn: Shit! She saw me looking at her!
Parliament Stn: Parliament again.

Next morning -
Armadale Stn: Am I smart or what?! :)
Toorak Stn: Here we go. Come sit here. Hmm... okay the seat opposite me is not bad either. Good that I chose to take last door seat this morning!
Hawksburn Stn: She likes my shoes! ..I think..
South Yarra Stn: She wears the whole thing - boots and gloves n all. I like your style girl.
Richmond Stn: Oh! she's looking this way.. no she's looking past me at the window.
Parliament Stn: Bye bye.

Next morning -
Armadale Stn: Friday..!
Toorak Stn: Hello again.
Hawksburn Stn: :) It sure is a beautiful day today!
South Yarra Stn: She's taking her gloves off...
Richmond Stn: Is it what I think it is? The right finger...?! Oh! Yes!! Oh No!!!
Parliament Stn: Good bye forever! :(

Outside Parliament Stn: :) Silly boy!

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