Thursday, December 29

Popcorn and Coke!

A nice relaxing weekend - that got me going to the cinemas two days in a row to see the two most popular flicks on this Festive season.

First I saw "King Kong". The LOTR Director, Peter Jackson, really did it this time. Having only heard of King Kong movies but never read or seen any of the previous movies, I was quite excited when I heard positive reviews for it. Some reviewers even went all the way - saying that King Kong will ev
entually out do Titanic!
*ahem - I don't kn
ow about that...!*

With the highly acclaimed success of LOTR Trilogy behind him, Peter Jackson had gigantic expectaions to live up to. And I believe that he has definately done much good to his name and his reputation with King Kong. The animation, the sets, the costumes, the scenaries - the whole works was just too good. Clearly seemed like the work of someone who had paid much time and effort and paid attention to the smallest of details.

The 'beauty and the beast' theme underpinning the love/understanding between Ann, beautifully played by Naomi Watts, and Kong - really tugged at my he

I know...I know... I admit at being a sucker for romantic movies and a big cry-baby when it comes to emotional scenes. I mean... I can find myself crying for any thing from the scene whe
re children are taken away from parents due to various circumstances all the way to loneliness and helplessness of lovers apart etc etc.
And I did have a tear in my eye - when I saw this movie.

I laughed at the silly antics of Naomi, I squirmed at the abundance of creatures and insects on Skull Island, I awwwwed at the peaceful scenes between the Kong and Naomi, I cried when Kong was captured and treated barbarously, I was fuming when Kong was being shot at by humans when the creature had been forced by humans to come to the city in the first place!

I said to myself, "How cruel can man be!"

All in all.... the story got me involved in more ways than one and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! :D

"Two Thumbs up!" for Peter Jackson


Then the next day I carried my bucket of popcorn and a large tumbler of coke and went and saw the Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

I must admit that like
many.... I was absorbed in by the animation and the special effects and the mystery that "What/Who is Narnia?"

Seeing a huge crowd of parents and children aged around 6 to 14 - 'He' said, "Should we go and swap the tickets? This is a little kids movie, lets get out of here!" But then.... we were there and so were the popcorns and we continued munching, waiting for the doors to open.

Having never really read this children's classic - I was in for a surprise. Oh! Well may be not...

Disney definately spent loads of money on the movie and worked hard to make their latest creation stand tall amongst the Harry Potter and LOTR kind of special effects abundant movies. And I reckon they did a fairly good job.

The acting by the kids in the cast Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy was specially commendable. Lucy, the youngest girl had beautiful expressions throughout the movie. The other three did an equally good job - but then being elder n all... one would have exprected more from them.

The talking animals were kinda funny but well done too. Aslan, the Lion King did especially well. Every hair in the fur looked real and very convincing indeed.

But like all kids stories - no matter how desperate and sorry the circumstances may be - everything always gets fixed and happy endings always come around the corner. And so was the case with Narnia.

Seeing the trailers so many times also sort of gave the story away - because some characters and scenes whose clips were shown in the trailers - and while watching the movie I knew what was about to happen or not happen.

I walked out of the theatre saying - I knew that was going to happen! :)

But it was good entertainment I guess. You can see it once.......


The title Chronicles of Narnia reminded me of another movie that I saw quite a while
ago - but I liked alot. That movie was the Chronicles of Riddick - the sequel of the sci-fi thriller Pitch Black with Vin Diesel.

If you are a sci-fi buff who understands and appreciates the vision of sci-fi movies/stories then if you get a chance then do watch Riddick if you havent already!

Thats all for this year folks!!!

Have a fantastic NYE and see you all bright and fresh in 2006!!


sherriff said...

Wow...I am first...juss courier my Gold Medal...seems u have enjoyed ur weekend...was it really the movies or the company (assuming ur BF was with u)...I was being very sckeptical about KingKong..."not other Kingkong movie"...but offlate reading gr8 reviews about will give it a try

manuscrypts said...

hmmm, lots of movie reviewing happening around here.. you have a great new year too..

sherriff said...

Where r u Nupur....hardly any blogging activity...Wish u a very happy and prosperous 2006

Suds said...

Hey Nupur, Nice blog. Happy new year and hopefully I will be a regular reader in 2006.. Enjoy...

anumita said...

Happy New Year, dear Nupur!!