Thursday, December 22

Dear Naanaji,

A devoted son,
A freedom fighter,
A supportive brother,
A wonderful husband,

A great father,
A strong businessman,
A sweet uncle,

An inspiring father-in-law,
A strict but (secretly soft-hearted and loving) grand father,

and much much more.

Dear Naanaji,

I have always known you to be 'the best'. As a kid I always looked up to you - literally and metaphorically becuase you always said and did what was right. Your hearty laugh and your boisterous snores always got me smiling! :)

Naani never liked when you disturbed her in 'her' kitchen - playing with pots and pans pretending to always know more than her when it came to cooking. The almo
st a foot and a half difference in height between you and her was made up for with all the love that you both had for each the 60+ years of married life.

Mummy always loved her 'Babu' and I was for such a long time scared of you - till one day when playing you saw me roll myself into a tiny ball - so small that you could not believe! And you asked all the cousins if they could do the same. But when they could not - you smiled and declared that I was the most flexible little kid you had ever seen!
Years after that - on every summer vacation when I saw you I'd remember that evening and try to turn into the little ball again. :)

Oh Naanaji, I will miss you so much! Miss your presence, our funny conversations, the fun times during the summer vacations when all of us kids slept in your large room and we would giggle in the middle of the night when we'd hear your loud snores.

Naanji, I love you! I will look for you among the stars every night. We will look after Naani the very best way we know how. Please stay with her a
nd us for ever.........

Your grand daughter,

After struggling with cancer for many months, Naanji made his way to the heavens - days short of his eldest grandson's first death anniversary.

We always knew him to be a very strong-hearted man, but that blow was probably too strong for even someone as brave and strong a man like him!

God Bless.

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