Wednesday, December 7

The odds are......

....what are the odds of watching 3 relatively new movies in a week and not enjoying a single one of them?

All you antagonists will say - "Looking at the kind if crap that churning out of the mill.... *sigh*"

But tell me really.... where does one go on a weekend -
--> One who does not drink
--> One who does not have $$ to go on long drives
--> One who does not have $$ to eat out as often.
--> One who does not have $$.....

Wait a sec.

That one - is me and do I mean to imply that I go to see movies because I dont have enough moolahs for anything else?
NO - Thats not what I mean......

I mean.. its unfair to be cornered this way - to want to go see a movie becuase you want to forget about your worldly troubles and just go off to another place - but instead you get....!@#$!#$!#@$!!!!!!

I guess its too late to say that I'm in a ranty mood this arvo!! *Grrrrrrrrr!*

Anyways - to save my fingers and your eyes -
Read -->
Please don't bother watching
Maine Gandhi to nahi mara
The Brothers Grimm
<-- Thank You!

....unless you are really really desperate and have nothing better to do!

*I wonder what I'm going to do with the DVDs of the two Hindi ones among these........ *sigh in double asterix!* !!*

Some one please give me names of a couple of "DECENTLY GOOD" movies that are forthcoming - becuase really... this state of affairs is causing me much grief! :(


Invincible said...

I m first even here. This is called 'leaving nothing to chance'.

Nupur said...

Invinci: ROTFL!!!! :D

Invincible said...


Nupur said...

Invinci: :P

sherriff said...

hmmm...spend some quality time with boyfreind..problem is nowadays gf's and Bf's of the world dont have time for each is a good movie...except a little long in the second half...nice performancesby Nana Patekar and Mr. Kajol (I mean Ajay it will end ur current state of affairs..BTW u can also kill ur time chatting on the net...or reading some good books

sherriff said...

When I said "chatting on the net"...what I meant was chatting with

manuscrypts said...

movie tastes are quite subjective, dont u think :)

Meena said...

Hi nupur!

I like "Maine Gandhi ko...", it was different and realistic.

You should definetly watch the new Harry Potter flick. I watched it with hubby dear at IMAX and it was awesome!!! I was never a HP fan, but this one rocked!!

Nupur said...

Sherriff: Another supporter of Aparhan! Well... I guess I'll have to go get that one this weekend. :)
Arrey Bf ke saath hi to gayi thhi movie dekhne! :P Bcoz we both love watching movies!!! :D And chatting? with you?! :P

Nupur said...

Manu: Yess.... I guess you're right. And it would have helped if I'd have explained the reasons of why I didn't like 'em. *sigh*
MGKNM was a good watch - but I was angered by the fact that they did false and misleading publicity!!
Grimm - was just a crazy mix of all fairytales = big Monster movie!
Kyunki..... - I just hated the acting!!

anthony said...

I also liked apaharan but don't take my word.. i love any movie,,, all the movies lol... why don't you try out classics.. Guddi, Anupama, or some Hrisikesh mukhrjee flicks.. I mostly watch old movies..

Nupur said...

Meena: Hey!
Like I said.... MGKNM was realistic and all but I was furious about the misleading title! Totally not what i expected!

And HP at IMAX! WOW! Thats a great idea.... I might go see it there too! :)

Nupur said...

Anthony: :D How good for you!
And yeah thats a good idea... I do have some oldie classics. Like I recently saw Maalamal!! ;)

sherriff said...

to be very frank I have never understood meanings of "P" and "D"...can u elaborate

Nupur said...

Sherriff: LOL!!

P = When one wants to show the other their tongue - like when teasing!

D = A Big smile!! :D

Just tilt your head to the left and you'll see! ;)