Tuesday, December 20


Of all the things that we do in life.... 'socialising' is something that takes considerable effort for some while it comes naturally to others. Makes me think sometimes... is it in the chromosomes? Or ...?? Why is one person very out going and sociable while the next is not?

Do you remember that girl in class who would just never shut up? She was always invited to every kids birthday party and every social outing at school.
Do you remember that guy in college who was everywhere? In canteen, in the labs, in the local pub, in the discos.
Do you remember that work mate who is present at every social outing from work? He organises most of the events and still finishes the report on time!
Or how about that girl friend of yours who has a crazy career and a very demanding husband, but still she organises the tea-party at her place first saturday of every month?!

Wonder how they do it? Why they do it? Are you ever jealous and wish it was you?

I am aiming to be 55kg by the time I step on board the plane that's bound to India. And looking at this at the moment.... well.... I'm just a measly 5 kgs off the mark!

Don't you smirk!

Even though same girls at work have already been commenting that I have trimmed down from the chubby cheek girl - to a bony faced chick. But I dont know...... every time I look at myself in the mirror I still see FAT! :(

Good bye Butter (and your fatty mates!)

43 Days and counting!

I wish I had wings.... really....
because I just cant wait to fly home!

And I know what 'some' particular mates out there are thinking - :P

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

Who said time flies?! *grrrrrrr!!*

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