Wednesday, January 4

*waving madly!!* I'M HERE!!

The stupid lappy broke last week. :(
---> Hence havent been able to come online for a while and not had a chance to reply to comments or come around your blogs.

New boss at work.
---> Hence not much time at work to do anything else online - except work!

28 days to go till I fly home.
---> Hence shopping like a headless chook and packing like crazy lest I forget something! :P

................but I got a moment of peace this afternoon so writing here today and I am jumping on the blog-hop ride and visiting you every once in a while whenever I can - so you shall she me appear and dissappear in the coming days - But I'm here folks and will be updating as often as possible!!

Till then - Tell ME - What has the New Year brought for you till now?!


anumita said...

Glad you are here! Too much happening I can see. Have fun!

anthony said...

And I said Happy new Year..

Ajay said...

Happy new Year Nupur.

2006 has been good so far. Though I can see you are waiting really really anxiously!

Tarun said...

Happy New year Nupur....

Invincible said...

Oh !! There she is :)
So madamji 1st feb ko swades padhaar rahee hain.

There is some good news from my side, hope it turns out to be grand news :)
(abhi ke liye kuchh nahi .. shhh)