Monday, December 5

Try to say good bye.....

"Sarah, I just completed my test! I think I'll get a High Distinction!!"
"Insha Allah!"


"I have an interview for my work experience year - lets see....."
"Insha Allah... you'll ace!"


"I got it! :)"
"Mubaarak ho!"


"I'm absolutely starving....."
"Come home, I'll make you some veg. biryani!"


Thats my Sarah!
My best girl friend in Australia. I met almost 2 years after I came here. By that time, I had convinced myself that I was doomed to a company of boys becuase there were hardly any Desi girls doing IT. I was the only girl in the class..... and that was a boon and a curse at the same time.

Very troubled times those....
Then Sarah came from India and she's the sister of one of the guy's I knew at uni. We clicked instantly! And even though we weren't in the same uni or doing the same course... there was so much else that we did together!

*sigh* before this turns into one of those very very senti posts......
Sarah left for India yesterday. And I want to wish her well. I think her decision is very wise indeed.

There comes a point in life when you just want to "Stop" and take a breath. Because there is no point in going on and on just for the heck of it. And I see so many helpless unhappy people around me - who do just that. Every day that passes, they find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksands of life...... never able to escape..... never able to live the life that they want to live..... until its too late and there's just no looking back. The mortgage, the bills, the family, the job, the responsibilities just take over. They run your life and you cant do - no nuthing about it!

Even though she's studied in a field that's highly saught after. Then she even did her MBA. But it just wasn't what she expected. Thats why one day she made up her mind that life is just not the way she wants it to be and she's making her own way.

First I couldn't understand. Why would she leave a perfectly decent life.... an okay job and go out into the unknown! Why?!

We used to talk for hours over the phone or late into the night if either of us were bunking at the others place. So many times I'd give her advise about her problems and she'd give me for mine. And one thing I particularly remember saying to her often,
"Sarah, you're right in the middle of it all. And its possible that you aren't seeing things the way I - as an outsider to your issue - see it! Sometimes you just have to move back.... as if walk up to a high hill and then look down at the whole situation from that high vantage point from where you can see it all and not miss anything."

Now, I understand that she's doing just that.

Because finding out exactly what you want is something that many of us never find. And its probably easier to cross things out of your list one at a time instead of just going on and on and on without knowing where you're headed......

I said it soooo many times in the last days together.....
"Sarah, jahaan rehna khush rehna......" (Sarah, be happy where ever you are....)
And she smiled.

I'll see her again.....soon.
And I wish that after her break... she may still decide to come back down under. *I know I'm selfish!*
That she may find her true love.... and he may keep her really happy.... and that they may find great career opportunities in Oz *yes, because I'm here naa...!*.
That she may see all, listen all and then tell herself that her life is actually in Australia... with her friends! *yes I'm saying it again and again and I'll keep saying it - so that if my one wish for the day is about to come true - let it be this one!!*

But if you find your life elsewhere..... I'll support you and send you my best wishes and hope for the very best for you always! I am and will always remain your friend and I will understand..........

Sarah - I love you and I'll miss you..... till we meet again!

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