Monday, May 2

for hungry souls!!

They say, that music is the food for soul..... but I guess, it really depends what you are hungry for.
  • Love
  • Companionship
  • Friendship
  • Food
  • or plain old music

The first one being the hardest to find and the hardest to keep. I won't even go into it, as a thorough discussion on this topic will just be out of the scope of this blog! ;) *ahh! always wanted to say that..used to be in so many books at school!*

Then comes companionship - and that includes just about any kind. Work mates, blog mates, gym-class mates, swimming lesson mates etc. etc.. And their is never ever the feeling of expecting something/any thing - or so it should be. We just are part of it because it feels good. Feels like you are a part of something.

Friendship though it begins at companionship, its more than that. Because if you dissappear for a while, you are genuinely missed. Friends lookout for each other, encourage each other and tell the bad discouraging stuff on the face too! *sigh! How good that feels sometimes..!!*

Food - *slurp!* It sure is the reason everything is the world is done for. People work - To put food on the table! And not just food to survive, we need once a while something niiice and tasty, to make the tastebuds happy! My mom always used to say - "Nupur, tum badi chatori ho!!" (Nupur, you are ......*I don't know the translation of 'chatori'!!*

And Music, I don't know if music can replace love/companionship/friendship, (and it sure can't replace food!) but, it does keep one occupied when these are or aren't present!!! Music heals, music transforms, music fills, music satisfies, music fulfills, music incourages, music persuades.... and much much more~!!

And though I can't help you people in most of these regards that much - I sure can help you in one of them. Food - so if you are tempted - checkout my first recipe in the kitchen!!

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