Sunday, May 15

Somethings in control and some totally out of!

I had to write about this - if not for the pleasure of writing then just to warn my fellow blogmates!

Yesterday, I was asked if I wanted to go see "Kaal" and .......*unfortunately* I said "yes".

I'll be short.
-- I thought the clothes the chicks wore were ridiculous.
I think I don't even want to start on it.
-- The acting from all involved was utterly horrible.
Some scenes overacted, some extremely no expression at all.
-- I thought, the story line was stupid. I predicted it way way in advance!
Either I should stop watching Bollywood movies or stop complaining that the story line of almost 95% movies is crap.
-- The sound effects were too loud and very very annoying.
I can appreciate good background score as I do admit that it has a important part in movies. But *absolutely unneccesary - extremely ill-timed - unusually loud* noise - I just hate that. Instead to keeping me on the edge of my seat, it made me put my fingers in my ears because I just could not stand it, after 15 mins into the movie, at all!

I was sooooo upset when I left the theatre, had to control my anger and disappointment - literally.
Good thing that my friends with me have a great sense of humor and they helped me calm down n let go.

To conclude -
All those who made the movie,
all those who acted in the movie,
all those who told me I should see it,
all those who made me see it -
"Jee karta hai, ki mai unhe jaan se maar doon!"-- "I feel like killing them all!"

Height of desperation - After hearing soooo much about "The Da Vinci Code" I finally got my hands on a copy from a girlfriend at work. It lay on my desk most of last week and with the work and studies crushing me down I had to control myself........

Now (sunday night) I am at page 350 of the book.
*A weekend well-spent or ill-spent!*

"Kya karen control nahi hota!" -- "What to do can't control!"


Thanks to all my dear blogmates who have sent me their wishes. Yes, I know I should be studying right now - well........

"Jaa rahi hu naa!" - "I'm going no!"


Sushubh said...

good reason why i am waiting for naina instead. :)

Sushubh said...
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Puneet said...

hey nupur :-)

Come on now it wasn’t that bad also… ? the movie was okie.. For time pass movie…. (Considering I am on vacation nothing better to do… ) I mean certain thing didn’t make sense.. but over all I think it was okie movie… worst part one of my friend the other day before I was going for movie told me the suspense of the movie…. I felt like killing.. but then I did the same..Smsed to it to some other friends lol

Actually most of Hindi movie you should go to watch thing having no expectations for it :-p

Chalo all the bets jaooo…. Padho… now as my examz over I miss the studying time… slogging and craming..

The Da Vinci Code how is it ? even I have the book its kept since a long waiting for auspicious day to open it…

Anbu said...

good that you warned...few friends gave average rating to the movie...But nobody said its this bad...

Do tell us about DVC once you finish it...

Nupur said...

@Susubh: Who's Naina?! *lost!*

@Puneet: What r u talking about mate?! Mera to time paas hi nahi ho raha thha!!
I can watch ridiculous movies if I'm expecting them to be ridiculous...see I don't like bad surprises! ;)

Go read the book mate... its an interesting read!

Nupur said...

@Anbu: is. Take my word!
And the DVC review - *mini review rather!* is up now!