Monday, May 9

Catching up....

Hey there!
You are surprised to see a new post. *What the $@#$"$@#$!@# am I doing here?!*

Well... I'm drowning deeper and deeper, day by day, in the abyss of books and assignments. Thanks so much to all of you beautiful people who have sent me their wishes in this very difficult time of my life! ;P

To catch with some things --

Wanted to thank the organisers, Kaush and Princess for a very successful Bloggers Meet yesterday. Blogsville is definately gonna have many many more of these in the coming weeks.
-- Although I should mention that I was probably the only chick out there with a webcam and that is so not fair!! Next time I'm gonna get myself a mic and hide behind the curtain of anonymity like you all did! -- How convenient..huh?! ;)

And just coz I'm busy don't mean I won't be cooking! - *thats my only salvation! haha!!*
So go on - check out whats the beautiful smell coming from the kitchen!



manuscrypts said...

a virtual blogmeet..hmmm

Khushee said...

A blogmeet on the net? That's a new one! I like meeting bloggers. We've had blog meets twice over here in Sydney.