Wednesday, May 25

2:43 am...why not!!

Today I was supposed to sleep by 11pm the latest so I may get up nice and early and go to uni to study etc... and my 5 min. online trip to check my mail n blog has turned into a 5 hour long journey!!!

*what is the matter with me?!* - Even I'm not 100% sure... I think I'm just frustrated that days are passing by so slow - I just want to graduate now!! Please let me graduate and go home...... PLEASE!!!!!


Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is a must read people. You have to go check this one out if you have not already.
I believe that the book is based on facts and very convincing facts at that! Its amazing, the real photos on Dan Brown's website n all (don't see them till you read the book!)
*Europe - my next travel destination!!*

I have studied in a catholic school for 12 years - and I thought I knew 'a lot' about Christianity - but I was shocked at what I found out! It confirmed some of my doubts and gave me many new things to ponder about........

I hope I am not lifting anyones expectations too high or anything, as heard one person didn't find DVC 'that' good. But I read the story without knowing what to expect and the prologue gripped my attention so strong that I could not put it down......



And any one out there, who is hungry and not too worried about eating deepfried and piling on some of those extra kilos, then go check out 'the kitchen' as I have been busy with some thing that I'm sure most of us love and want to have as often as possible!!

C ya people........
I *don't* want to study!!!!

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