Friday, May 6

I'm soooo full - I could puke!

Seriously - its just geeting too much!!!

As times draws closer to the end of my last semester at uni, I am literally being bombarded here with assignments and projects. And work is just as crazy! *I know I say that all the time anyways!!*
And after it all whatever little time I have left, there are hundreds of other chores just waiting to be started and then finished ofcourse..... and there isn't more than one of me!

So, I think I will have to do one of my dissapearing acts and return in a couple of weeks. In the meantime ....enjoy the new Rice recipe in the kitchen.

I might jump in here in Blogsville now and then to say "Gudday mate!!"

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Khushee said...

Why are last semesters always like that? My last semester at Uni was my worst! All the very best with your exams and assignments. I know what you are going through! :D