Saturday, November 20

Tea and Toast!!

Saturday... who likes to work Saturdays??!
No one...huh?!

Well...I used to do Saturdays till last month because I had uni on Thursdays and it was the fair swap as I myself asked for it! Then when I finished my exams - No more Saturdays! *hurray!*

My manager sent a mail out to all saying "No IT personnel on Saturday's any more as its too quiet. Not worth it."

And suddenly all these people who never even knew I used to to be in on Saturday's as they never rang me for any IT issues now say.."We have to have an IT person! No way can we let work with out IT support on Saturday!!" Even high management got involved including the GM!!

I wanted this coming Monday off as I will be in Sydney, so I asked my boss, "Should I apply for leave for Monday?"

"Why don't you work this Saturday and take Monday off...that way you'll save an annual leave for your overseas trip!"

And here I am working Saturday....
Did I say working...???!

The only silver lining in this cloud is the flight tomorrow morning that flies north to the sunny Harbour city!!

Dropped an axe on my own feet (Apne hi pairo mein kulhaadi!!) by starting saturday's during uni?? - Yes I think so!

Now, its just me and my Tea and Toast!!

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Kaps said...

nupurrrrrrrr...enjoy sydney saturday was totally coool...slept the whole day...after the nite out at office :D