Tuesday, November 9

Hero - You have to be quick!

After a long time I went to the cinemas to see a movie (hey! but I saw 'Collateral' not too many weeks ago - ahem - anyways..). I think that the producers of 'Hero' purposely mislead the general public and I'm very very dissapointed about that.

The adverts on telei said its a "Quentin Tarantino" movie but it wasn't! Dunno if it was a mistake or a fraud- on purpose! The adverts also did not indicate that the movie is in Chinese (yes, the whole movie!!) and to follow it the audience have to read the subtitles. I was still okay as I'm used to reading very quickly, so I could still shift my attention fairly quickly to what was happenening on the screen, but many in the audience couldn't and that they found rather frustrating. And I have to agree, I mean, if you really have to read the whole movie you might as well go home and sit with the the novel...isn't it?!

So, if you can handle the subtitles, and the 'flying in the air - walking on water' fight sequences with one sub-story repeated 3 times in different costumes and background colours (Red, Blue, Green) and are a fan of "Jet Li" then this is the movie for you.

I understood the actual story of the movie in the last 15 minutes...so I still thought everything fit in fine and I probably got my money's worth(hmm - almost), but my friends that I went with thought it was a waste of time-energy-money!!!

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