Friday, October 28


"I have my hands full" - will be an understatement.

This week has been so crazy, and I am just glad that its finally over. At any other point in time... it wouldn't have mattered. I would have not posted anything for a few days and no one would have even noticed - But I had to proclaim my great Blog-niversary and vow a "one post a day week" and then get myself caught up and........................ *Blah blah blah blah*!!

Lets just FORGET IT!

Okay, festive season is well and truly upon us and you may like it or not but that means - Loads and Loads of Sugary sweets and Fatty feasts! And nothing wrong with enjoying the festive season to the fullest - but - what that will do to the waist...... we all know!

I had been thinking about this for weeks and well, I have books and quite a few of them if I may say so, about healthy lifestyles and good diets and Detox plans etc. etc..... but I never really applied any of it to 'myself'. :) I used to just give my expert advise to all my girlfriend's here and they would go, "Wow! You're right... I should do that!" "Excellent idea. I'll try that." etc.

And it was not until my back injury, that I really realised what I was doing to myself. I was in a job where I sat on my bum the whole day and then I'd go home and stuff my face with anything and everything. And excercise?! - No way!!

When my Physio asked me at our first meeting, "What sort of exercise do you do?"
I was silent for a few seconds and then I blurted -
She just smiled and said, "Hmmm.. well... We're going to have to fix that - won't we?" :)
And I was like,

That was 6 weeks ago.

And today I am proud to tell you that I had my final visit to the physio this morning and she says, "You're cured!" and I feel it too!!

The credit of it all goes to:
* the swimming lessons - that my physio pushed me to join (and was something that I had wanted to do for so long)
* the cool swim gear - that my girl friends help me find.
* the evening jogs - with 'him' or my bro.
* the new wrist-weights - that I simply wrap around my wrists and tone my arms while I jog!
* the new hi power juicer - that 'he' got for me! (it motivates me to drink lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juice everyday) :)

*sigh* I feel a whole lot better.......

It has really been amazing - this transformation, and I want to continue this spell.

So I have decided to document this 'lifestyle journey' in a new blog called,
"Peace-Calm-Harmony" . Here on this blog, I shall keep track of my weekly progress with my diet and exercise routine. I'll keep a record of my 'healthy' recipes from time to time and *hopefully* nice pics of my 'healthy' self as I go along!

A glimpse of that new space is here for you -->

All you ladies, who would like to join me in this journey are most welcome to drop by from time to time. :)

Tomorrow *Thank God! finally!* is the D-DAY. The day that I have so shamelessly been raving about for sooo long! I am not going to make any more promises about my post or my surprises etc etc.........

Like someone said -
"The course of life is unpredictable,
no one wrote their autobiography in advance."

And neither can I.

So.... Sayonara!
See you....when I see you. :)


Invincible said...

phew !!
so you r up n kicking now .. wow !!

"Happy Bloganniversary " Mate.
I m morehappy to learn @ ur progress than this anniversary but nevertheless it gives 2 reasons to celebrate, n the Festive season just goes so perfect with it.

Congrats .. n take care

Divya said...

ok ok..lemme go check out the new blog.....
n lets see wats the post on the dday!!

Nupur said...

:) I'll be back to reply ur comments shortly!

Nupur said...

Invinci: Thanks so much mate!

Feeling on top of the world!!!

Nupur said...

Divya: :) :) :)