Friday, October 14

New Chapter....

...for the petals of my life!

Thank you so much to all you dear blogmates - This month I will complete my first year in Blogsville! And what an exciting year it has been.

* I discovered blogging.
* I discovered new templates.
* I discovered free web services.

* I found a pool of new friends.
* I found my writing skills.
* I found the best past time.

* I was amazed at what people can write.
* I was amazed to see the most beautiful web-spaces ever.
* I was amazed when I saw the literary genius of you people!

There is still a fortnight to go for my Blog-niversary, so I thought that I will take this time to reflect on this past year.....what it has been for me and what I have written, ranted and gossiped about.

But - please to be not thinking that *FLASH BACK* has begun, so time to be going to make that dinner or to wash those dishes or to clean that garage - for new petals will soon appear as new blossoms bloom. :D

Could not have done this without you!
*muaaaahhhh!* *blushing!*


AmitL said...

Hi,Nupur,let me be the first to say'I'm impressed'with the petals theme..soft,serene,peaceful.:)Cheers and here's looking forward to some great posts in the years to come,also.:)When's the exact date of the bloggie bday,btw?

Jithu said...

thts cool! so a happy anniversary! and i came here when u completed one year.. :-)

Nupur said...

AmitL: :) Thanks a lot mate! I'm glad that you liked the new template....
And the exact date is 29th Oct as shown in my bloggie counter! ;)

Nupur said...

Jithu: Thanks mate!
And its a pleasure having you here at the start of another fab year in blogging..... Cheers!!

vaibhav said...

Hey Nupur,
This is my first visit to ya blog and you've already complted a yr. Whoa! :)
Anyways, happy blog anniversary and hey... I want a piece of that virtual blog cake!

AmitL said... could I have missed the bloggie counter?:)

Nupur said...

Vaibhav: LOL!! Welcome to my little space. Good to see u here..
VBC = Virtual Blog Cake.... ;) Yeah sure mate... the party will be at the end of the month. See you around.

Nupur said...

AmitL: LOL! I know!! :)