Thursday, October 6

Here n there.....

While I try and take the reins of my life back into my hands, here's something to keep you occupied. :)

Found this on Puneet's blog.
My Cyborg name - and somebody please explain....becuase I just cant understand it! Ultimate Repair?!! LOL!

Networked Unit Programmed for Ultimate Repair

And then more from Divya's.
Do you guys believe in this stuff?! I mean... it does make sense at times........

The Goddess of Magic and Peace. You are a born
star. Always supportive and influential, you
the centre of attention and you are
exceptionally friendly. You are a classic

Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
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Dominant Personality: Understanding

Good Traits: You gravitate towards people,
and are a shoulder to lean on. You give advice
at any given time.

Bad Traits: You aren't close with any one
person. You immerse yourself in other people's
problems and forget your own.

People see you as: Friendly, secretive, and
popular. People envy you, and may try and use
you as a tool

You're most like: Grace. You both have
positive relationships with people. Neither of
you have close friends, but unlike graceful
people, you try to help people out and aren't
as arrogant.

You need more: Solitude. You hardly get the
chance to breathe when you take on the world's
problems. You can't take other's
responsibilities or put them before your own.
Be selfish once in a while and discover who you
really are.

What's your dominant trait? (10 unique results)
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Take care guys.......
I shall be back!! :)


author by the brook said...

hahaha nice I do that sometimes.. when I am free accha timepass hai


Nupur said...

Pallavi: :) Yeah!!