Tuesday, June 14

catching up...

with Sleep:
Been sleeping all weekend...and *dang!* does it feel good!!

with Cooking:
Been making some great stuff... like pani -puri! *that I just popped out of the box, boiled some poatatoes and added water n jal-jeera masala to the chutney provided! :P* And posted 3 kinds of Kad-hi!

with Shringaar: *now how do I translate this one!*
and what did I do? Had my very very long overdue hair cut.... now they are 2 inches shorter, but hopefully they will grow faster! :D

with Movies:

I call myself a huge science fiction buff. Seen all the sci-fi movies at the local Block-Buster and ABC video. But for some very wierd strange reason....I never saw Star Wars!! I just dont know why..just didn't. So on the long Queen's birthday weekend I saw Star Wars I and Star Wars II. Finally I can say that now I'm ready to see Star Wars III.

My review: (Keeping it simple and short!) Star Wars (I hear) was actually a kids movie that adults liked a lot...and so the first one is quite interesting and kiddish fun!
The second one, I hear was not such a huge hit and I can see why. The story has a love-story which may have not appealed to the kids and the adults...for the obvious reasons. Though I still reckon that if you are into sci-fi then the story is good and might make sense to you too!
So... next weekend after the exams - Star Wars III - The revenge of the Sith!

Also bought 'Mai aisaa hi hoon + Company' DVD. -- MAHH is the Bollywood version of 'I am Sam' as many of you may already know and well.... the bollywood masala twist at the end was IMHO quite stupid!

And talking about stupid Bollywood movies - also bought 'Jo bole so nihaal'.
And please this one was not my choice, it was 'his'. And being a pakka punjabi that he is, he had to buy it no matter what I said.
"Arrey, Sunny Deol hai aur woh bhi sardar banke - to dekhne to hai hi!!"
(Its Sunny Deol and acting as a sardar - so have to watch it anyways!)

movie - is all I can say!

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