Tuesday, June 7

2 gone! --- 2 to go!!

Today I had the first two exams - morning n afternoon.
And even though I complained to no end - how it sucks having two exams in one day, now that its over, I reckon its not that bad after all. It very scary when its approaching, but when two of the hardest subjects go by, in one hit -- its swwweeeeet!!

*17th June - Here I come!*

Laloo prasad yadav - made to it the local Melbourne paper today!

I saw a snap of little 'Lalooji Dolls' in the "What in the wierd!" section of the paper. It seems that little Laloo look-alike dolls are sweeping Bihar, and Lalooji is one of the biggest fans of these dolls. :-/

*what the.....*


My blog has reached - rather - crossed the 10,000 counter hit! And I have to thank each and everyone of you, very sweet n very *wela* people that come here day after day to listen to me!

I am honoured indeed!!


Saw on TV in a current affairs show that cooking in Non-Stick pans could be extremely hazardous to health!

The fumes that come out of the pan after it reaches more than 250 deg. (thats heating a pan for 2.15 minutes) are so toxic that they can kill birds! And ofcourse all kinds of problems like cancer or liver troubled for humans..!!

*ohh! my golly gosh!!!* :O


Thanks also to all the lovely people who sent me the their wishes before these two exams. Hold on people...just 2 more to go on the 17th and then I will be as free as can be!!!


gAMe said...

Hmmm gud to c u posting ... thanks for visiting my blog.....I used to spell wela as vella ..infact thats even a category in my blog....neway All the very best for ur xams buddy ....c u then .... hey m gonna add u to Yahoo ... I hope u dont mind....c ya arnd

Nupur said...

Game: I made that spelling of 'wela' up! So I dunno if I'm right or not. :) Thank for the wishes....hopefully I'll do ok!