Monday, November 7


waaa.... oh! ur here.

Well.... I had a 'fun'tastic time this morning till 3am attending the Bloggeratti VBM. BRAVO Anubha for the huge success. :D

Oh.... sorry for dozing off like that - just cant keep my eyes open any longer, but before I drop unconcious into deep slumber, my {BIG HUG} and hearty congratulations to all Bloggeratti Winners! Well done... and truly well deserved. And all those.....*poor souls* nomineees *like me!* my {BIGGER HUG} to you as we were all just as much a winner as the winners themselves! :P
*OH! Ouch... that hurt! No more sandals n shoes plz!*

And last but not the least - my BESTEST of the BESTEST wishes to Anubha *yes the one responsible for my miserable state this morning!* - on her adventures outside Blogsville! May she miss us sooooo much that she may have to return back! :P

But seriously gurl - LOVE UR WORK! :D
BE HAPPY... where ever you are.....!!!!

Cheers to all......
*THUMP! crashed on the floor!*


Amol said...

great pozzzzt

deepakjeswal said...

Yep - the evening was wunderrrrfull, and u were a great sport to stay up so late...

Abt Anubha - ab kya kahen, she deserves all the applause, and more!

Khushee said...

Oh wow, your blog looks amazing! Yes yes, I haven't been around in a while, but I'm trying to get back into regular blogging again. I miss it!

Hope you had a lovely diwali!

Hagrid said...

whts all this abt !!
still greetz to u !